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*All conference events are held in Rosenwald 405.


Keynote address by Claudia Rankine, Henry G. Lee Professor of English, Pomona College
Personal website | profile | Pomona College profile

Opening reception


FRIDAY, 11/21

8:30-9:00      Breakfast

9:00am-10:30am     Panel I
Reading Aesthetic, Economic, and Moral Value
Chair: Christopher Taylor, Assistant Professor of English, University of Chicago

  1. Steven Maye, University of Chicago
    “Sociologizing Kant: Contemporary Aesthetics from A Page of Madness
  2. Cassidy Picken, University of Chicago
    “Gothic Debt; Or, What’s so Interesting about Ann Radcliffe?”
  3. Angela Zito, University of Wisconsin, Madison
    Hamlet‘s Disorder and the Humanist Disposition: Clearing the Table of Memory and Its Literary Consequences”

10:45am-12:15 am     Panel II
The Body of/in the Archive
Chair: Julie Orlemanski, Assistant Professor of English, University of Chicago

  1. Julian Gill-Peterson, Rutgers University
    “A Racial Memory of the Matter of Sex: Aesthetic Values of Archive and Body”
  2. Marija Krtolica, Temple University
    “Theorizing Convulsive Martyrdom”
  3. E. Hella Tsaconas, New York University
    “‘The Transgender Bodybuilder Who Attacks Heaps of Clay,’ or the Materiality of Becoming An Image

12:15pm-12:45pm     Lunch

Lunchtime public conversation with Claudia Rankine conducted by Lauren Berlant, George M. Pullman Distinguished Service Professor of English, University of Chicago

2:00pm-3:15pm     Panel III
Narrative, Subjective, and Historical Closure (or Lack Thereof)
Chair: David Carroll Simon, Assistant Professor of English, University of Chicago

  1. Maria Vrcek, Rutgers University
    “Timon’s Life: Human and Nonhuman Confusions in Shakespeare’s Timon of Athens
  2. Kristen Tapson, New York University
    “Striking Keys: Larry Eigner’s Parasitic Collisions?”

3:30pm-5:00pm     Panel IV
The Visceral
Chair: Zachary Samalin, Assistant Professor of English, University of Chicago

  1. Jake Cowan, University of Texas at Austin
    “Jakobson’s Latter @phasia: Language Disturbances in the Digital Age”
  2. Chase Gregory, Duke University
    “Falling in Frames: David B’s Epileptic and the ‘Disability Drive’”
  3. Melissa Yang, University of Pittsburgh
    “Sensations & Sustenance in Actual & Virtual Worlds”

Closing conversation


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